Monday, February 16, 2009

PUBLIC SPEAKING. not my thing.but then i am going to study media and communication so yeah..but im in the anti-social society how can i just give speeches like tht?i get stage-frights and panic attacks.and fcuk what?impromptu speeches?tht is like the craziest thing ever!i mean who does impromptu speeches?i dont even have any experiences.should i drop it?if i get chosen then i'll be representing my school and all,thats pretty big but i dont think i can do the impromptu speech.the topics are all so...boring and not me.I dont have any points.well,i am a woman of few do u expect me to f*ucken think of what to say in three minutes?thats not possible.then i'll get nervous and stammer my way out.what do you'll think?should i drop it?quit?the pressure is eating me up and its giving me constant heart attacks.meeeeeppp....

quote=I..umm...uh...the malaysia...*thinks*...unity*speechless*

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