Monday, February 16, 2009

PUBLIC SPEAKING. not my thing.but then i am going to study media and communication so yeah..but im in the anti-social society how can i just give speeches like tht?i get stage-frights and panic attacks.and fcuk what?impromptu speeches?tht is like the craziest thing ever!i mean who does impromptu speeches?i dont even have any experiences.should i drop it?if i get chosen then i'll be representing my school and all,thats pretty big but i dont think i can do the impromptu speech.the topics are all so...boring and not me.I dont have any points.well,i am a woman of few do u expect me to f*ucken think of what to say in three minutes?thats not possible.then i'll get nervous and stammer my way out.what do you'll think?should i drop it?quit?the pressure is eating me up and its giving me constant heart attacks.meeeeeppp....

quote=I..umm...uh...the malaysia...*thinks*...unity*speechless*

Sunday, February 8, 2009


OMGOD!my chemical romance is back!!!!they're finally back from their very long and very much needed hiatus.oh god oh god,Lyn-z's pregnantttttt!Gee's gonna be a daddyyy.Just close ur eyes and imagine tht for a moment.Gerard,a dad? have to check out their cover of DESOLATION ROW by bob dylan for a movie,watchmen.Gee's voice is just far out ,you just havta check it outt!it'll kill you.i cant wait for their next album which WILL be released in the midst of this year i think.thye're back they're finally back after their 2 years hiatus.they are finally back.their version of desolation row DEFINITELY kicks just gotta check it out here

i swear this will blow you away.believe me cause it blew me away.*drools*they're so so oh so very hot.=P

aww would you just look at them.having fun like that.hehe

Monday, February 2, 2009

so long T.B.H.

ha ha heyy..Im so confused,i dont know if i should continue being besties with her.Who is she you ask?well,she's better known as T.B.H.Some of you might know her and some of you might not but however ways,she is still a mean and secretive girl.i mean who keeps secrets from their so called best girlfriend?Whatever because idc anymore,she was never my best girlfriend anyways.she was just an ummm what do you call it?a substitude?yeah thats right she was just a substitude friend.
Oh i dont know i feel really bad dissing her like this yo.because im not like her.I have feelings.Idk,this is just really messed up.should i stop being friends with her?she isnt treating me the way she should.I cant take her ill-treatment anymore.She is mistreating me and i do not like it.And i will do something about it.I mean pfft,i dont neeeed her.i have my other friends.

quote:i dont need your friends,i've got my own.(yeah u go gee!/F<3)

And if i dont have any friends,i still dont need you cause i've got me.<3
<-- see i can still have tons of fun when im doubt

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is my second time having so much fun blogging.i have nothing to say because nothing outstanding happened today.Oh just the usual,doll-napping my neice's teddy.haha.Odd huh?OKay fine i dont doll-nap teddies from babies but at least that's what I will,this phsyco path has to stop!Its making me sick.

Help me oh please just helpp mee!I dont wanna leave this world!!I know that i will one day die and shit but i dont wanna!(of course i will die of an old age like maybe when im 99 or so.)but ohhh why cant i be an immortal?The feeling of not existing is giving me the heebie-jeebies and not to mention its making me VERY nihilistic.I mean why do stuff you hate when it's all gonna go to waste?(eg. studying)I dont know if this is just a phase im going thru or my mentality.

this is almost like the livejournal only that the livejournal is mostly used by should visit the

Saturday, January 31, 2009

hey bloggers!*smilessss* should i start off?i'm not sure BECAUSE im new here!haha.i dont have much to say.Im always the queit one in crowds so yeahh =P .I finally decided i should start blogging because everyone i know has a blog.seriously,what is up with blogging?Is it that cool that everyone has to have one?so hey i thought why not try?it's not gonna kill me so here i am,blogging.haha.ewww im actually blogging!yeah whatever im always weird like'll get used to it.haaa..<3